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Kabuto Aeroblade 5 Yajiri Blue Red

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  • Lightweight A.C.T. EVO (advanced composite technology) shell construction.
  • Hyper Class Fibre
  • High – Strength organic synthesis fiber
  • High – Strength/ high – modulus organic synthesis fibre
  • High – Tensile organic synthesis fibre hyper glass fibre
  • Light Weight
    1. Less G on the head at decleration and acceleration, and more stable vision.
    2. Less load on riders’ neck and shoulders, easing stress such as shoulder ache.
    3. Easier to turn around and up and down making it easy to look around.
  • Dual Density Impact Liner absorbs impacts most effectively.
    By optimising density of each particular part of the absorption liner, it gives adequate strength of impact absorption where it is needed.
  • Removable and washable CoolMax interior.
  • For Glasses, cheek pads designed for glasses compatibility.
  • Double D chin strap.
  • Chin Curtain.
  • Anti-fog lens prepared shield (Anti-fog lens NOT included).