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When it comes to safety, there can never be any compromise. In any given situation, safety must always come first. Riding a motorcycle is obviously no different. Safety should always be the number one priority of any rider at any given moment. And speaking of safety, the area that is most prone to danger in motor accidents is people’s heads. Obviously, it is illegal on the Gold Coast and all of Queensland to ride without a motorcycle helmet, which makes it essential for every rider. There is no doubt that you’re going to need a motorcycle helmet, but you might face a dilemma in terms of what sort of motorcycle helmet you’d like. Have no worries, because this blog post will explain the different types of motorcycle helmets and make it easier for you to decide!

Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

This is the classic motorcycle helmet. When you imagine a motorcycle helmet, this type of motorcycle helmet is the one you probably think of. Full face helmets cover all of your head, including the top, back and forehead. These motorcycle helmets have chin bars. This is vital because almost half of the helmet impacts during accidents are in the chin area.

Modular Or Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmets

Modular motorcycle helmets are pretty similar to full-face helmets, except their chin bars are adjustable or completely removable. These types of helmets are popular with adventure rider or tour riders since they offer the best of both worlds: safety and comfort. Additionally, they offer versatility through their adjustable chin bars.

Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

These motorcycle helmets are exactly what they sound like. These helmets cover most of your head, except your face. These helmets don’t offer as much safety as other motorcycle helmets, but some bikers prefer them.

Off-Road Or Motocross Helmets

As their name suggests, off-road motorcycle helmets are designed for off-road riding. They typically have high chin bars and a sun peak. They are designed with aerodynamics and ventilation in mind because sport and off-road riding can get pretty fast and hot.

The Motorcycle Accessory Shop only stocks motorcycle helmets that comply with Queensland laws. This means all our motorcycle helmets comply with Australian standards AS1698 or AS/NZS1698, or United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) 22.05 standards. So once you make a choice, you’ll have no further worries. Besides motorcycle helmets, we also offer motorcycle gear, motorcycle accessories, leather jackets and much more. Come visit us anytime!

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