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Many riders feel that wheels make the world go round because they love riding their motorcycles so much. But, what makes those wheels go round? Motorcycle chains. Motorcycle chains are a vital part of any motorcycle and it is important that every rider knows about the different types of chains that are available in the market.

Standard Non-Sealed Motorcycle Chain

This is a standard motorcycle chain.  These are non-sealed or uncovered. As a result, they have no internal lubrication methods. These sort of motorcycle chains are a bit behind the years. They came before O-ring and X-ring chains. Most motorcycles which have standard non-sealed motorcycle chains wouldn’t normally support O-ring or X-ring chains. These motorcycle chains require the most maintenance.

O-Ring Motorcycle Chains

According to Wikipedia, the O-ring chain is a specialized type of roller chain used in the transmission of mechanical power from one sprocket to another. In application, O-ring chains are have got little O-rings between its links. Since these motorcycle chains are covered, the factory provided lubrication stays within the pins and plates. This keeps the chain well lubricated. On top of that, dirt and grime cannot get into the chain system from outside because the chains are sealed. O-rings are becoming more and more common as motorcycles are becoming more powerful.

X-Ring Motorcycle Chains

X-rings have x-rings between its links. This means X-ring chains have a smaller surface area which comes into contact with the pins and plates. This results in less drag than O-rings, which makes X-rings slightly faster. But, realistically, the difference in speed isn’t all that much unless you’re a racer and a few seconds make a difference to you. X-rings are more expensive than O-rings but they both have similar lubrication. At the end of the day, it is your call since you know your motorcycle best.

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