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Riding motorcycles here on the Gold Coast can be quite expensive. You have to fork out cash for all your safety gear, motorcycle accessories, parking fees and last but not least, fuel. While most of these costs aren’t avoidable because they are either tied to the law or rider safety, there is one aspect where you can save a few bucks. And that aspect, is, of course, fuel. If you can follow these few simple tips, it is more than likely that your bike is going to be as fuel-efficient as it possibly can be. So, let’s get to it!

Be Consistent

Ride safe. When you’re riding safe, there aren’t any sudden increases or decreases in acceleration. As a result, less fuel is used up when you ride safe. Using highways is also a good idea if you want to save money on fuel. There are fewer stops and changes in speed on the highways.

Keep Tire Pressure Up

Keep your tire pressure at an appropriate level according to your bike. If the pressure in your tires isn’t sufficient, you will experience increased friction, which is going to mean you are going to need more effort from your engine to go at any given speed. As a result, you will need more fuel.

Keep Your Filter Clean

Keeping your air filter clean is a good way of increasing your fuel efficiency. If your filter is clean, more air gets into contact with the fuel, thus increasing efficiency.

Fuel efficiency depends largely on how well you take care of your bike. And in order to take good care of your motorcycle, you need great motorcycle accessories. The Motorcycle Accessory Shop stocks all the best motorcycle accessories on the Gold Coast. Drop-in any time to have a chat with our riding savvy crew. We’ll be able to help you with motorcycle helmets, motorcycle gear, motorcycle gloves, biker boots and everything in between!

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